About Us

About our company and how we got here

How Did We Get Here

At this point in time and for a long time now the need for and the opportunity to become a viable Inspection & consulting firm has been ever present.

It has now lead us to the point where we have an opportunity, if marketed and managed properly we will serve to be a lucrative and viable business. Market trends over the past 15 years show us that those with foresight who took the challenge to provide such service only prospered and are still prospering.

The year 1992 to present showed a boom in the construction industry for example the Petrotrin Refinery Upgrade a billion dollar project. Hence this is one of the various projections, which shows that there is an abundance of inspection work, and not enough inspection firms.

Even now with the projected escalation of construction in the Energy Sectors together with a multitude of foreign investors and investment agreements, together with the stable economic and potically favorable environment for the growth of such a Company.

Some the various projects on stream are the Atlantic L.N.G., the new Methanol and Ammonia Plants to be constructed at Point Lisas which will make Trinidad the largest producer of Methanol and Ammonia World Wide by the year 2001. In addition the expansion of Caribbean Ispat which will also make Trinidad the world’s largest producer of D.R.I. (Direct Reduced Iron).

Also not forgetting the ongoing daily Upgrade and Maintenance work to operating Industries such as Petrotrin Refinery, P.C.S. Nitrogen, Hydro Agri, The National Gas Company, BPTT, Trinmar, Phoenix Park Gas Processors, TTMC and CMC.


Our Vision & Mission Statement

The mission of this Company is to be highly recognized and competitive through excellence in Quality Assurance, Inspection, Technology and Personnel. Quality Testing and Inspection Services Ltd. (QUALITEST) provides the highest quality and state- of- the- art services to the petrochemical and energy based industries.


Policy Statement

Quality Testing and Inspection Services Ltd. (QUALITEST) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the services that we provide to our customers. We recognize that the needs of our customers are the sole reason for our company to exist, and that in order to achieve and consistently maintain the highest level of quality. Every member of the company must be an active participant in the company’s Quality Assurance Programs and Policies.

Quality Testing and Inspection Services Ltd. (QUALITEST) Assurance manual is the company’s formal guide for the methods and requirements necessary to achieve our standards of increasing excellence and to ensure compliance with all customers, internal and statutory requirements. In recognition that perfection is a goal and not an achievement, all employees, vendors, and customers are encouraged to make suggestions for improvements to service.

Our commitment to quality is ABSOLUTE. Whenever there is a question that concerns quality, the decision will be in favor of improved quality.

Our Clients
Atlantic LNG BP National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Phoenix Park Gas Processors Petrotrin PCS Nitrogen Powergen Trinidad Neal & Massy Wood Group